Saturday, November 19, 2011

me ciclin through Glastonbury festival 1995


Here's my 5s of fame folks.

It happed in 1995 at the Glastonbury 3 day festival.

I studiously avoided the crowds where they grew too thick and you'll understand why ... specially if you try trace my thinking about thickening.

A succesful presentation will be it's own reward .. and i'll top it off as long as i am alive ... i somehow have lost courage meself ... who cares about winged seeds in the wind, rite?

Hope your food water and air are still fresh but i fear the worst. I can barely overcome conscience qualms about using his medium.
The E-waste disservice is prolly keeping in sync, pace and abreast with, if it doesn't plain quid pro quo rival the credit crisis. Remember the google line about using a tiny percentage of your account? Was that to get folks used to small margins, be modest ... or was it a spur to upgrade? You decide and you better start deciding stuff you let slip from your hand into the hands of hyenas long ago enough to allow them to begin outbreeding any thought and hope for huge trees ... hell, Glastonbury farm still has no permanent permaculture patch .. and these filmers never even ended up there.

was i really 'no harm to noone', am i not now? Music is for the birds, and i
take no credit for it ... speaking of which ...

altenderG windoctacle poetpiet demographix erosion compaction
1.42m (with a little more at the front)


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